The Aquaox liquids can be deployed in various applications where there is an need for disinfection or cleaning in water, air or hard surfaces.

Here you will find more information about the different applications:



Infectious Diseases are a continuing threat for citizens around the world. They cause suffering and death and impose an enormous financial burden on society. Antimicrobial drugs have saved millions of lives. However the emergence of drug resistance in bacteria, parasites viruses and fungi are threatening to reverse the medical progress of the past 60 years.


The global food production and processing industries are under pressure to supply an increasing quantity of wholesome, nutritious and quality assure product to a burgeoning world population. Food safety is one of the highest concern to producers and consumers.


There are two important processes in potable water treatment:

  • Water Purification
  • Water Disinfection



There is an urgent need in all animal production systems, for the replacement of anti biotics from animal feeding rations. Legislators and Health Authorities that have supported and implemented the ban, have not as yet provided a viable alternative that will ensure the maintenance of current production levels.


Global agricultural production has been stagnating since the 90’s and the industry has been characterized by a mismatch between supply and demand.