The global food production and processing industries are under pressure to supply an increasing quantity of wholesome, nutritious and quality assure product to a burgeoning world population. Food safety is one of the highest concern to producers and consumers.

Optimal quality assurance is being progressively eroded by the higher volumes of food products that needs to be processed. Existing sanitation procedures and remedies cannot accommodate the increase in plant throughput.

Furthermore, escalating microbial resistance to chemical biocides used in food processing plants is exacerbating the quality assurance and safety problems. The number of reported cases of food poisoning is on the increase despite enforced regulations and sophisticated management systems.
Coupled to the above, are increasing restrictions imposed through legislation by Governments, and purchase discernment form retailers and consumers, for healthier, effective and environmentally sustainable sanitation products and practices within food processing plants.
Usage of Electrolyzed Water offers to food processors a safe, cost effective alternative to current cleaning and sanitation products. Electrolyzed Water is a productivity and profitability enhancing quality assurance tool for the optimization of food processing plants.

Hygiene management
Hygiene comprises 2 basic steps:

  • Cleaning; removal of residual product, dirt and grim build up
  • Sanitation: disinfecting, elimination of microbial contamination

In food processing , the aspect of hygiene management comprises further 2 components:

  • CIP; Cleaning in Place (fixed equipment that cannot be accessed easily)
  • COP; Cleaning out of Place (movable equipment, floors and other accessable surfaces.

Both CIP and COP require a process of cleaning and disinfecting
Neutral Electrolyzed Water (NEW) can be used for disinfection throughout the entire food production process, as well for application directly on food, thus offering a solution that addresses the hygiene of the total processing plant. Alkaline Water (AW) can be used for cleaning in particularly useful as detergent or surfactant.

The food processing industry constantly strives to reduce contamination from bacteria, spores, viruses, fungi, yeast and mould.  NEW can be used for the following applications:

  • The treatment and elimination of bio-film contamination in the processing plant.
  • Microbial contamination is eliminated in fresh foods by including Electrolyzed Waterin the food preparation.
  • Cleaning-In-Place (CIP), of process plant and equipment, including pots, tanks, centrifuges, pumps, piping, filters, filler heads, pasteurizers and general surfaces.
  • The continuous decontamination of process water, thus eliminating the introduction of micro-organisms into the process through poor quality water.

Benefits to the Food Processing Industry

  • Electrolyzed Water is safe to use as a final pre-process rinse.
  • Improved Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) of the food-processing environment.
  • Decontamination and sanitation procedures become chemical free.
  • Electrolyzed Water has positive efficacy validation by a number of independent organizations.
  • Electrolyzed Water technology generates biocide and detergent products simultaneously; solution properties can be varied according to specific requirements.
  • Electrolyzed Water eliminates all known bacteria, fungi, yeasts, viruses, moulds and spores.
  • Costs associated with product returns are reduced.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Assured microbial and biofilm control in process plant reduces down-stream contamination of product.
  • Enhanced microbial and biofilm control provides confidence in offering Quality Assured Products and in conforming to HACCP requirements.
  • Electrolyzed Water is approved for use in food processing by the US and European Regulatory Authorities.
  • Introducing Electrolyzed Water to the processing techniques will not disrupt the current processing protocols.
  • Unlike traditional disinfectants and chemicals, Electrolyzed Water is non-toxic and non-irritant to humans.
  • Spoilage by microbial contamination of products is reduced.
  • Shelf life of products is increased due to reduced microbial contamination.
  • Process hygiene management is greatly improved.
  • Containing only activated and ionized constituents of water and salt, Electrolyzed Water is non-toxic, non-irritant, odorless and environmentally friendly
  • Electrolyzed Water can be applied in the form of liquid, fog or ice.


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