There is an urgent need in all animal production systems, for the replacement of anti biotics from animal feeding rations. Legislators and Health Authorities that have supported and implemented the ban, have not as yet provided a viable alternative that will ensure the maintenance of current production levels. Neither the Pharmaceutical Industry so far came up with a practical and effective alternative.

Aquaox’ devices developed, tested and validated over the last 3 -5 years, not only
provides a cheaper alternative but enhances production parameters beyond what had been achieved using antibiotics. Usage of Electrolyzed Water will undoubtedly have a huge impact around the globe, not only in animal production systems, but will extend the period of that antibiotics will remain effective in the treatment of humans.

The methods of application that have been optimized (e.g. disinfecting air with aerosols / fogging Electrolyzed Water in premises whilst animals are present), could be eventually adapted to situations where disease transmission in human occurs. (e.g. Shopping malls, Hotels, Airlines, Cruise-ships and public institutions).

Usage of Electrolyzed Water in Livestock improves the profitability by optimizing the production parameters of intensive farming by elimination of pathogenic micro-organisms in the drinking water, feed, air and sewage.

  • Contamination in an animal production system can only derive from any of 5 sources:The premises itself; contamination carried over from the previous batch of animalsThe drinking water; contaminated water is a major problem, either form source water or surface water because of bio-film recontamination. The feed; mainly as a result of fungal toxins and bacterial growth Air contamination, from outside or dust particles inside
  • Mechanical transmission by vehicles, workers and visitors entering the premises

All of these sources of contamination are addressed thought the use of Electrolyzed Water and is applied through the following methods:
1. Water Treatment
Controlling diseases and reducing mortalities, by continuous dosing of Electrolyzed Water into the drinking water, thereby eliminating pathogens. This treatment controls the pathogens in the upper intestinal tract, as opposed to the lower intestinal tract where antibiotics are required. Bio-film is a major source of recontamination in water systems and Electrolyzed Water has proven to be extremely effective against Bio-film.

2. Air decontamination
Electrolyzed Water has been proved to be very effective in respiratory disease reduction. If Electrolyzed Water is fogged at intermittent intervals into the air space of the animal, the following happens:

  • Settling of dust particles; dust particles are negatively charged and are settled due to the high positively charged molecules present in the fog Elimination of pathogens; Once positively charged molecules come into contact with the pathogenic microbes, they are destroyed.
  • Climate control; Fogging is an effective method to increase the relative humidity levels as well reducing the temperature.
  • Reduction of hazardous gases; Oxidation of ammoniac reduces levels by 50%

Benefits to the Livestock Industry

Usage of Electrolyzed Water result in a significant level of pathogen reduction, whilst climatic conditions are optimized to enhance production. The usage of Electrolyzed Water (if e.g. fogged into the air) kills bacteria, spores, viruses and fungi whilst completely safe (nono-cytotoxic) to animals and humans. Harmful gases are oxidized, and ammoniac levels reduced by approximately 50%. The costs associated with the usage of Electrolyzed Water are neglectable and the dependence on antibiotics reduced or eliminated. Finally mortality is reduced significantly.

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