Aquaox UnitAQUAOX EA-Systems are fully automated stand-alone Mobile Disinfecting Systems that include one or more Electrolytic cells as well ancillary equipment to make AQUAOX EA-Systems a a reliable stand-alone  ‘plug & play’ System.

AQUAOX EA-Systems consist of one of more  EA-devices along with ancillary equipment such as a water-softener, filters, a pressure reducing valve, a flow-regulator, a brine-container,collecting tanks for the cleaning & disinfecting liquids and other measurement equipment to monitor the quality and quantity of the onsite produced anti-microbial liquid.

AQUAOX EA-Systems are designed to produce ELECTROLYZED WATER onsite for use in a multitude of applications where there is the need for cleaning and sanitizing solutions or a need for disinfecting water and/of air.