AQUAOX EC-Systems are fully automated remotely-controlled Mobile Disinfecting Systems that produce onsite ELECTROLYZED WATER in various Facilities, such as: hotels, dairies, breweries, food processing industries and in other highly computerized production processes.

AQUAOX EC-Systems are Mobile Disinfecting Systems that include one or more Electrolytic Cells, a remotely controlled EC-device along with other ancillary equipment. EC-Systems are mounted on a movable rack and include a water-softener, filters, a pressure reducing valve, a flow regulator, a brine tank and collecting tanks for temporary storage of the cleaning and sanitizing solutions.

‘Plug & Play’

AQUAOX-EC-Systems are complete Plug & Play Systems that basically only need to be connected to a power source, water and an ethernet-connection to start automatic remotely controlled production of ELECTROLYZED WATER.


A programmable logic computer (PLC) controls all processes required to produce cleaning & sanitizing solutions with a controlled constant quality at all times. In case on of the parameters are not within the pre-set limits, the PLC will activate an alarm and will immediately attempt to adjust the parameters.


AQUAOX EC-Systems are remotely controlled by an AQUAOX call center. This means that a trained AQUAOX operator will monitor the performance of the EC-System 24/7. The result of this remote-control is that we are able to service, maintain and operate the AQUAOX EC-System without any operator interface. The user of the AQUAOX EC-System can be assured that the cleaning &  sanitizing solutions produced onsite are of constant  good quality.


General Characteristics  Systems
Generator type EC-200 System EC-400 System ECS-300 System
Amperage control * * *
Voltage control * * *
Water flow control adjustable adjustable adjustable
Low/high flow alarm * * *
Low/high amperage alarm * * *
Low/high voltage alarm * * *
Self cleaning cycle
Automated cleaning cycle * * *
Brine premix tank * *
Remote control / monitoring * * *
Watersoftener cleaning cycle * * *
Performance control reports * * *
pH/ORP monitoring * * *
CIP/COP Automation module * * *
General Characteristics Electrolyzed water
Generator type EC-200 System EC-400 System ECS-300 System
Neutral Electrolyzed Water L/H ~180 ~360 ~100
Free Chlorine mg/liter 50 to 500 50 to 500 ~50-100
ORP >800 >800 >1100
EC ms <15 <15 <3
pH 6,5-8 6,5-8 2,5-3
Alkaline water (AW) L/H ~20 ~40 ~100
ORP -800 -800 -800
EC ms <15 <15 <3
pH >11,5 >11,5 >11,5