Cleaning and Sanitising System

The Aquaox™ Cleaning & Sanitizing (CSS) program is suited for Restaurants, Office Buildings, Schools, Hotels, Assisted Living Homes, Gyms, Cruise Ships and many more.

It is a comprehensive systematic approach for implementing more effective, efficient, healthier and environmentally friendlier cleaning and sanitizing strategies without adding unwanted substances to the environment or otherwise causing harm to guests, employees or staff.


  • Powerful, on-site generated non-toxic, safe-to-use, electrochemical activation sanitizing solution
  • High performance hospital grade microfiber products
  • Comprehensive training and implementation of infection control’s best practices to prevent cross-contamination
  • Standardized processes to ensure that high-touch surfaces are consistently disinfected
  • Objective processes to measure program effectiveness
The Aquaox Cleaning and Sanitising System (CSS) incorporates a set of interdependent, evidenced-based components implemented by your Environmental Service staff to enhance your hospital’s cleaning practices.

Surfaces are efficiently and effectively cleaned and disinfected with EPA and ECHA registered, fast-acting, and safe-to-use solutions. These solutions are applied using tested protocols and state-of-the-art applicators to reduce labor and human error.

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    Applications Facility

    • Hard Surface Cleaning and Disinfection

    • Electrostatic Spraying

    • Treatment of city drinking water supply ( Legionella control)

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    Benefits of the Aquaox  Cleaning and Sanitising  system (CSS) 

    • Elimination of 99.999% of surface bacteria such as MRSA, VRE, E.coli, Influenza and more
    • Effective cleaning and sanitizing with no adverse effects on human health and the environment
    • Reduction in labor and chemical costs
    • Improved operational efficiencies
    • No diluting and mixing of chemicals
    • Eliminates need for storing large amounts of chemicals
    • Increase safety for staff and guest
    • Hospital grade, split-fiber, microfiber products for reduced HAI’s, labor and chemical cost
    • Greater comprehensive area coverage in less time than competitive systems and devices
    • 300% better spray penetration and coverage on all surfaces2
    • Leaves no residue
    • No need for weekly/monthly delivery by truck reduces Co2 emissions

    Cleaning and Sanitising system (CSS) PRODUCTS

    AQUAOX™ Electrochemical Activation (ECA) Solutions

     Electrolyzed water is produced by the electrolysis of ordinary tap water containing dissolved sodium chloride. The electrolysis produces two types of solutions. A high-pH, non-corrosive dirt and grease-cutting cleaner (sodium hydroxide) and a neutral-pH, high-dissolved oxygen disinfectant (hypochlorous acid).

    AQUAOX™ ECA generated hypochlorous acid (HOCL) will be a major weapon in the battle for infection control acting swiftly and safely against hazardous multi-drug resistant microbes such as Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus (VRE), Carbapenem-Resistant enterobacteriaceae (CRE), Candida aureus and Clostridioides difficile (C.Diff). The solutions are made from environmentally safe and sustainable materials and can be used for surface disinfection and decontamination.

    • Ÿ EPA and ECHA-Certified Broad-Spectrum/Hospital Disinfectant
    • Ÿ Kills on contact
    • Ÿ 80 to 100 times greater biocidal activity than 1:10 dilution of         household bleach
    • Ÿ Completely non-toxic
    • Ÿ Leaves no residue
    • Ÿ Microorganisms cannot develop resistance

    AQUAOX™ ECA generated Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) is a non-toxic, chemical free solution with anti-microbial properties. Its alkaline characteristics and negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (OPR) emulsifies oils and grease (where bacteria hide), breaks down and suspends dirt particles and prevents them from re-depositing onto the cleaning surface.

    • Ÿ Safe for any hard surface
    • Ÿ Cuts through grease and fat
    • Ÿ Non-toxic and chemical free
    • Ÿ Laboratory tested

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    AQUAOX™ Smart Fiber

    Microfiber products were identified as a best practice tool for use in the healthcare industry by the EPA in 2002.² The unique nature of the product and how it is manufactured make it indispensable in cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and environments.

    • Multi-color tabs on cloths and mops are color coded to assure quality cleaning, efficiency and hygienic use
    • Fibers are uniquely split to an optimum level for extensive cleaning power and large absorption capacity
    • Microfiber mops reduce bacteria on floors by 99% compared to 30% with cotton mops²
    • Cleans efficiently using a minimum amount of water and cleaning agent
    • Exceptionally long-life cycle, even when washed frequently, the microfiber retains its quality and shape to deliver real user value
    • Aquaox’™ proprietary designed air-assisted, electrostatic, sprayers quickly and efficiently disinfect large areas, difficult to reach spaces and high-traffic areas.

      • 4-10 times better coverage than conventional sprayers resulting in reduced chemical and manpower costs³
      • Droplets have a force of attraction 75 times greater than gravity³
      • Proprietary design for optimal use

    Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a coenzyme that is present in all living cells and an ATP monitoring system can detect the amount of organic matter that remains after cleaning an environmental surface.

    The Aquaox™ Infection Control System incorporates ATP monitoring as a real-time objective process to measure program effectiveness.

    • Handheld system that is easy to use and can be implemented in any size facility.
    • Surface tests are affordable, easy to use, and provide instant results for housekeeping performance assessment

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    Aquaox™ SmartSystem is a systematic approach providing smart cleaning solutions which have a real and positive impact on people and the environment. Smart because our products are efficient, innovative and ecological. They are thoroughly tested, clean hygienically in an innovative way and without using unnecessary toxic chemicals.