30QUAOX EA-30-C-Device is the smallest device in the Aquaox range of Systems. The device is especially designed for usage in facilities, hospitals, cruise vessels, university and school buildings.  The device is pre set and therfore very user friendly. No complicated operation methods, but only a start/stop option.  The device produces Electrolyzed water (Aquaox AX 250/275) and  Alkaline water (Aquaox AX 112) into small storage tanks. User can fill sprayer bottle, buckets, nebulizers directly at the device for immediate on-site usage.

AQUAOX  EA-30-C- device are Mobile Disinfecting Systems that include one Electrolytic Cell. An EA-30-C-device can be installed on less than 1m2.

‘Plug & Play’

AQUAOX-EA-C-device is a complete Plug & Play Systems that basically only need to be connected to a power source, water to start production of ELECTROLYZED WATER.


A programmable logic computer (PLC) controls all processes required to produce cleaning & sanitizing solutions with a controlled constant quality at all times. In case on of the parameters are not within the pre-set limits, the PLC will activate an alarm and will immediately attempt to adjust the parameters.




General Characteristics  Systems
Generator type EA-30-C device
Amperage control *
Voltage control *
Water flow control adjustable
Low/high flow alarm *
Low/high amperage alarm *
Low/high voltage alarm *
Self cleaning cycle *
Automated cleaning cycle
Brine premix tank
Remote control / monitoring via service case *
General Characteristics Electrolyzed water
Generator type         EA-30-C
Electrolyzed Water (AX250/275) L/H ~30
Free Chlorine mg/liter 250 to 275
ORP >800
EC ms <5
pH 6,5-8
Alkaline water (AW) (AX112) L/H ~10
ORP -800
EC ms <5
pH >11,5