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Food safety is one of the highest concern to food producers and consumers but the number of reported cases of food poisoning is on the increase despite enforced regulations and sophisticated management systems.

 Escalating microbial resistance to chemical biocides used in processing plants and a growing demand for higher volumes of products for a burgeoning world population have dramatically impacted manufacturers and their quality assurance strategies.

 The use of AQUAOX™ ECA generated Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) offers food producers a safe, cost effective alternative to current cleaning and sanitation products. HOCL is a productivity and profitability enhancing quality assurance tool for the optimization of food processing plants.


      The food processing industry constantly strives to reduce contamination from bacteria, spores, viruses, fungi, yeast and mould.

      EW can be used for the following applications:

      • The treatment and elimination of bio-film contamination in the processing plant.
      • Microbial contamination is eliminated in fresh foods by including NEW in the food preparation.
      • Cleaning-In-Place (CIP), of process plant and equipment, including pots, tanks, centrifuges, pumps, piping, filters, filler heads, pasteurizers and general surfaces.
      • The continuous decontamination of process water, thus eliminating the introduction of micro-organisms into the process through poor quality water.


      Benefits to the Food Processing Industry

      • EW is safe to use as a final pre-process rinse.
      • Improved Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) of the food-processing environment.
      • EW eliminates all known bacteria, fungi, yeasts, viruses, moulds and spores.
      • Increased shelf life of products.
      • Process hygiene management is greatly improved.
      • Decontamination and sanitation procedures without harsh chemicals.
      • EW can be applied in the form of liquid, fog or ice.
      • Introducing EW to the processing techniques will not disrupt the current processing protocols.
      • Containing only activated and ionized constituents of water and salt

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        Apple cooperative

        At this apple cooperation in Italy installed an Aquaox ECA system in 2008. The EW is used to treat the process water in the basins. The usage of Aquaox ECA water replaced harsh chemicals that required special storage and precautions. But more important it is keeping the process water clear and the no algae and biofilm growth in the process water. Resulting in less maintenance shutdown in the basins.


        Food processing company

        This food processing company in Portugal uses Aquaox ECA systems since 2019 to disinfect their process water in their washing processes of the vegetables before final packaging.

        The Aquaox ECA solutions replaced sodium hypochlorite used in the process. After replacing the workers noticed an improved work environment without strong chlorine smell and no irritation to human body disappeared.  Next to this benefits the microbiological values were considerably better than before.

        Before                          After



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