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Industrial disinfectant fogger machine

  • Biodegradable solutions
  • Cost-effective
  • Efficient cleaning

Our industrial disinfectant fogger machine distributes tiny droplets of fluid, which disinfect and clean surfaces that are used within your production process and the rest of your facility. The result is a sanitized surface that is ready for use. The Aquaox industrial disinfectant fogger machine is not only able to realize a safe environment for you and your workers, but it is also effective for treatment against pathogens. This is useful within all manner of industries, including yours.

Aquaox MOW-System

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Aquaox EC-system

Our industrial disinfectant fogger machine offers a biodegradable solution

The tiny droplets that our industrial disinfectant fogger machine distributes across surfaces within your facility are the solution to all your problems with bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mold. Ordinary tap water is passed through an electrolysis chamber, containing a positive and negative electrode. The result is a cleaning and disinfecting fluid that reduces bacteria and pathogens effectively. The fluid is completely biodegradable, which is more environmentally friendly than traditional chemicals that can be used to sanitize your facility. Lower the need for conventional chemicals and use our machines to clean various surfaces within your production process!

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