Electrolysis machines 

Aquaox offers a range of electrolysis machines that produce disinfectants and surfactant, based on electrolysis of water and salt, onsite. We offer an automated electrolyzed water system that can be used as a standalone generator or as an integrated machine within your companies’ production process. You can choose one of three different electrochemical activated water generators, namely the EA-, EC- and MOW-systems. Click on the buttons underneath to receive more information about the electrolysis machines, such as our electrochemical activated water generators.


Aquaox Programs

The “Aquaox Programs” are a revolutionary new programs to help clients better understand, use and manage their produced disinfection liquids.

The “Aquaox Programs” provide users with an easy to use cleaning protocol to measure, monitor and manage their cleaning in a way that is convenient, efficient and cost efffective.

Aquaox offers following Programs:



AQUAOX EA-30-C-Device is the smallest device in our range of electrochemical activated water generators. The electrolyzed water system is especially designed for usage in facilities, hospitals, cruise vessels, university, and school buildings. The electrolyzed water machine is preset and therefore very user-friendly. No complicated operation methods, but only a start/stop option. 


AQUAOX EA-Systems are reliable electrolysis machines for the production of Electrochemical Activated Water (ECA) for the use in agriculture, horticulture, and intensive farming. 


AQUAOX EC-Systems are fully automated remotely-controlled Mobile Disinfecting Systems that produce electrolyzed water onsite in various facilities, such as hotels, dairies, breweries, food processing industries, and in other highly computerized production processes.


The AQUAOX MOW (Mixed Oxidant Water) electrochemical activated water generators are a durable, high efficiency, self-cleaning onsite electrolyzed water generator designed to produce advanced MOW solutions for virtually every water distribution treatment system.

Aquaox - Infection control system

Aquaox - Cleaning and Sanitising System

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