AQUAOX EA- Systems is a reliable standard for the production of Electrochemical Activated Water (ECA) for the use in the agri – and horticulture, intensive farming, facilities or water treatment.

AQUAOX EA-Systems are basic automated stand-alone Mobile Disinfecting Systems that include one or more Electrolytic cells as well ancillary equipment . AQUAOX EA-Systems consist of one of more  EA-devices along with ancillary equipment such as a water-softener, filters, a pressure reducing valve, a flow-regulator, a brine-container,collecting tanks for the cleaning & disinfecting liquids and other measurement equipment to monitor the quality and quantity of the onsite produced anti-microbial liquid.

AQUAOX EA-Systems are designed to produce ELECTROLYZED WATER onsite for use in a multitude of applications where there is the need for cleaning and sanitizing solutions of surfaces and/or equipment or a need for disinfecting water and/or air.

‘Plug & Play’

AQUAOX-EA-Systems are complete Plug & Play Systems that basically only need to be connected to a power source, water and an ethernet-connection to start automatic remotely controlled production of ELECTROLYZED WATER.

PLC – control

A programmable logic system (PLC) controls all processes required to produce cleaning & sanitizing solutions with a controlled constant quality at all times. This system is easy to control and manually adjustable.