AQUAOX EA- Systems

They reliable standard for the production of Electrochemical Activated Water (ECA) for the use in the agri – and horticulture, intensive farming, facilities or water treatment.

AQUAOX EA-Systems are designed to produce ELECTROLYZED WATER onsite for use in a multitude of applications where there is the need for :

  • Cleaning
  • Sanitizing
  • Disinfection


‘Plug & Play’

AQUAOX-EA-Systems are complete Plug & Play Systems that basically only need to be connected to a power source, water and an ethernet-connection to start automatic remotely controlled production of ELECTROLYZED WATER.

PLC – control

A programmable logic system (PLC) controls all processes required to produce cleaning & sanitizing solutions with a controlled constant quality at all times. This system is easy to control and manually adjustable.




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AQUAOX EA-Systems are basic automated stand-alone Mobile Disinfecting Systems that include one or more Electrolytic cells as well ancillary equipment . AQUAOX EA-Systems consist of one of more  EA-devices along with ancillary equipment such as a water-softener, filters, a pressure reducing valve, a flow-regulator, a brine-container,collecting tanks for the cleaning & disinfecting liquids and other measurement equipment to monitor the quality and quantity of the onsite produced anti-microbial liquid.

Main Features Model Aquaox EA-100 Aquaox EA-200
Electrolyzed Water (EW) production (L/H) 70-90 140-180
Free Chlorine (HOCL + OCL) (mg/L) ~ 500 ~ 500
Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) > 800 > 800
EC- depending on Free available Chlorine (FAC) < 15 < 15
pH 6-8 6-8
Alkaline water (L/H) 10-30 20-60
Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) > – 800 > – 800
Technical Specifications and Requirements Model Aquaox EA-100 Aquaox EA-200
Water Supply (L/H) 100 200
Water Pressure (bar) 2.5 2.5
Water Hardness (CaCo3/ppm) < 17 < 17
Salt Consumption (gr/L) ~ 5 ~ 5
Electrical Current (V) 230 230
Ampere 13-16 13-16
Power Consumption Max (kW) 1.5 3
Power Consumption ~ (kW) 1.2 2.4
Room ventilation (m3/H) > 50 > 100
Ambient temperature min/max (°C) 5-35 5-35
Dimensions Model Aquaox EA-100 Aquaox EA-200
Height (mm) 1850 1850
Width (mm) 650 650
Depth (mm) 650 650
Weight (kg) 100 125

Please note that the table above is based on the information provided and is for illustrative purposes only. Double-check the specifications with the official documentation or manufacturer’s website for the most accurate and up-to-date information.