An Aquaox EC-system is a fully automated and remotely controllable mobile disinfecting system that produces electrolyzed water onsite in various facilities, such as hotels, breweries, food processing industries, and in other highly computerized production processes. Our EC-system includes one or more electrolytic cells, a remotely controlled EC-device along with other ancillary equipment. The systems are mounted on a movable rack and include a water-softener, filters, a pressure reducing valve, a flow regulator, a brine tank, and collecting tanks for temporary storage of the cleaning and sanitizing solutions.


General Characteristics  Systems
Generator type EC-200 System ECS-300 System
Amperage control * *
Voltage control * *
Water flow control adjustable adjustable
Low/high flow alarm * *
Low/high amperage alarm * *
Low/high voltage alarm * *
Self cleaning cycle
Automated cleaning cycle * *
Brine premix tank *
Remote control / monitoring * *
Watersoftener cleaning cycle * *
Performance control reports * *
pH/ORP monitoring * *
General Characteristics Electrolyzed water
Generator type EC-200 System ECS-300 System
Neutral Electrolyzed Water L/H ~180 ~100
Free Chlorine mg/liter 50 to 500 ~50-100
ORP >800 >1100
EC ms <15 <3
pH 5,5-8 2,5-3
Alkaline water (AW) L/H ~20 ~200
ORP -800 -800
EC ms <15 <5
pH >11,5 >11,5


A plug-and-play system

Our EC-system is completely plug-and-play. It basically only needs to be connected to a power source, water, and an ethernet-connection to start the remotely controlled production of electrolyzed water.



A programmable logic computer (PLC) controls all processes required to produce cleaning and sanitizing solutions with a consistent quality. If one of the parameters is not within the pre-set limits, the PLC will activate an alarm and will immediately attempt to adjust the parameter.




Remotely controlled

Our EC-system is remotely controlled by our call center. A trained operator is able to monitor the performance of the system at all times. The result is that service, maintenance, and operation of the system can be done without a physical operator. The user of the system can be assured that the cleaning and sanitizing solutions produced onsite are of consistently good quality.

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