The MOW (Mixed Oxidant Water) generator is a durable, high efficiency, self-cleaning on-site generator designed to produce advanced MOW solutions for virtually every water distribution treatment system.

PLC – Control

A programmable logic computer (PLC) controls all procedures required to produce consistent, quality cleaning & disinfecting solutions. In case one of the parameters are not within the pre-set limits, the PLC will activate an alarm and will immediately attempt to adjust the parameters.

Remote Monitoring

With the by Aquaox used remote access technology, operators can remotely diagnose the operational status of machines without presenting on site. This allows basic maintenance and operation of the AQUAOX MOW generator without any physical operator interface. The user of the AQUAOX MOW generator can be assured that the cleaning & disinfecting solutions produced onsite are of constant good quality.  The remote access is possible via Apple and Android powered devices like tablets and phones or via Window OS on desktop computers.

Mixed Oxidant Water

MOW solutions are formulated for use in all drinking water systems. When used in conjunction with a primary disinfectant, MOW simultaneously restores chlorine residuals and reduces disinfection by-products by removing the organic and inorganic deposits that react with chlorine and chloramines.

MOW is a non-hazardous, liquid formulation that works online in conjunction with or without a corrosion or scale inhibitor. MOW maintains its performance integrity without changing water corrosivity. By controlling the dosing rate, potential harmful deposits can be removed slowly without having adverse effects on water quality.

Water treatment with MOW also improves overall water quality. These results extend system and equipment life and improve overall system performance.

The MOW is available in various capacities and  versions.


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General Characteristics  Systems
Generator type

MOW-1 System

MOW-2 System
Amperage control * *
Voltage control * *
Water flow control adjustable adjustable
Low flow alarm * *
Low/high amperage alarm * *
Low/high voltage alarm * *
Automated cleaning cycle * *
Brine premix tank * *
Remote control / monitoring * *
Watersoftener cleaning cycle * *
Performance control reports * *
Touch Screen HMI (10″)  * *
General Characteristics Electrolyzed water
Generator type MOW-1 System MOW-2 System
Mixes Oxidant Water L/H ~50-100 ~150-200
Free Available Chlorine mg/liter 4500 4500
ORP >700 >700
EC mS ~40 ~40
pH 8,5-9,5 8,5-9,5
Aquaox MOW- System