Activity of Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water Against Penicilium expansum in Suspension and on Wounded Apples

D.O. Okull and L.F. Laborde

Spores of Penicillium expansum, the primary organism responsible for the occurrence of patulin in

apple juice, were exposed to electrolyzed oxidizing (EO) water in an aqueous suspension and on wounded apples. Full-strength and 50% EO water decreased viable spore populations by greater than 4 and 2 log units, respectively. Although EO water did not prevent lesion formation on fruit previously inoculated with P. expansum, cross-contamination of wounded apples from decayed fruit or by direct addition of spores to a simulated dump tank was substantially reduced. EO water, therefore, has potential as an alternative to chlorine disinfectants for controlling infection of apples by P. expansum during handling and processing operations.

Keywords: Penicillium expansum, electrolyzed oxidizing water, apples, patulin