AQUAOX BV will be moving to it’s newly build office.

As from the 1st of November 2021 Aquaox BV will be operational from their newly build head offices in Soest. This offices will enable Aquaox the continue to grow as the production facility and offices are more than double the current space. Next to this the newly build head office are build according to latest standards and therefore ecofriendlier than current office.


Our new address: 

Aquaox BV, Oostergracht 17-11, 3763 LX,  Soest, Netherlands


About AQUAOX BV,  Disinfecting Redefined                                                                

AQUAOX is an innovative technology licensing and manufacturing company specializing in the development and use of Electrochemical Activation (ECA) generators and the solutions that replace conventional chemicals and apply them using proprietary techniques to reduce labor and human error. These solutions clean and degrease surfaces, destroy pathogens, viruses. algae, mold, and fungi and are non-toxic, eco-friendly, fast acting, and safe to use. For more information on these and other unique and innovative products and solution also visit