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Clean-in-place equipment

  • Biodegradable solutions
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Aquaox produces clean-in-place equipment that adhere to the highest standards of safety, hygiene and sustainability. The high standards we set for our equipment result in various products that are indispensable within your facility, because these systems safely and effectively combat contagious pathogens. Continue reading and find out more about our high-end clean-in-place equipment.

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Aquaox EC-system

The purpose of qualitative clean-in-place equipment

Our equipment is suitable within various industries, such as food processing or agriculture. If you are active in one of those industries, safety and hygiene should be one of your priorities. This is where our clean-in-place equipment comes into play. These systems are able to clean the interior surfaces of various components within your equipment, without disassembling the machine. Your machines can easily be cleaned and sanitized with our equipment, resulting in a safe and hygienic production process.

Discover a chemical free sanitation procedure

Our disinfectants and cleaners are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. This is due to the use of water containing dissolved sodium chloride that has been passed through an electrolytic cell. The result is an antimicrobial solution that rapidly reduces bacteria and other problems. Would you like to know more about our clean-in-place equipment or other types of technology? Feel free to get in touch with us by calling +31 (0)35 6090775 or by filling out our contact form.