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Mobile water treatment system

  • Biodegradable solutions
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Our mobile water treatment system enables you to disinfect and purify a water source by removing contaminants. Water treatment is an important part of your production process, as it can avoid the occurrence of scaling and corrosion, as well as biological contamination by potentially contagious pathogens. Continue reading and find out how a mobile water treatment system can be of value to your production process.

Aquaox MOW-System

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Aquaox EC-system

The two processes of our mobile water treatment system

The Aquaox mobile water treatment system utilizes two important processes during the treatment of potable water: water purification and water disinfection. Purification removes particular contaminants from a source, whereas disinfection removes biological contaminants from the source. Traditional systems, such as chlorination, remove pathogens and bacteria but are unpopular because it taints the water and is less environmentally friendly than our hypochlorous acid. Biodegradable water treatment is useful within various applications, as it creates a safe environment within your facility and a sanitized production process for food processing.

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