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Aquaox produces a water disinfection system and various other mobile disinfecting units and systems. Those systems can be used to disinfect surfaces that are used within your production process or complete facilities. Sanitizing and disinfecting your equipment is essential in various industries to be able to stop the spread of infectious diseases that originate from contagious pathogens. Examples of these industries are food processing, water treatment, or agriculture. Continue reading and find out if our water disinfection system or one of our mobile disinfecting systems and units are an asset within your production process.

Aquaox MOW-System

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Aquaox EC-system

The various uses of a water disinfection system

Our mobile disinfecting units are systems that consist of a movable rack with various tanks and other equipment attached to it. These movable racks only need to be connected to the ethernet, a power source, and a source of water to be able to operate. The unit can then be used to create fluids that can be used to effectively and efficiently clean and sanitize your production process. Additionally, we also offer a water disinfection system, such as our MOW-systems, that can be used during water treatment. This machine produces mixed oxidant water, which removes harmful deposits from water to maintain or even improve water quality. Using high-quality water within your equipment improves the performance and lifetime of your machines.


How is our fluid produced onsite?

Our water disinfection system and mobile disinfecting systems are units that produce hypochlorous acid and mixed oxidant water in your facility. These fluids are created by passing ordinary tap water through an electrolysis chamber containing a positive and a negative electrode. The result is a fluid called anolyte, or electro chemical activated water, and a fluid named catholyte. The electro chemical activated water can be used to disinfect surfaces and water, to ensure that they are free from contagious pathogens.

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