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Water purification system

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Aquaox offers a water purification system that removes biological contaminants, chemicals, and other unwanted materials from water. The water purification machine provides potable water that can be used within medical, chemical, and industrial applications. The water from our purification system is suitable within various industries, such as food processing or agriculture, as the machine serves as a source of clean water for everyone and everything involved.

Aquaox MOW-System

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Aquaox EC-system

The use of our water purification system

Our water purification machine is used to remove particular contaminants from a water source to realize potable water that can be used within various applications. Water can be purified by using chlorine. However, this method is increasingly unpopular as it taints the water with chemicals and is not environmentally friendly. Our water purification machine utilizes a green and biodegradable method to purify water, which can then be used within your production process.


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We do not only offer a water purification system that is indispensable within your production process, but also various other types of equipment, such as:

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